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Buy gift vouchers on-line

In order to purchase on-line gift vouchers you must first log in to the Sense of Touch website. If you do not have a username and password, please . The registration is very simple and will only take one minute to complete.

Procedure of online voucher purchase:

The online gift voucher would be automatically sent to the email you entered during transaction. Please refer to the following procedures for purchasing an online voucher after logging into the Sense of Touch website:

  • Click "Buying a gift voucher"
  • Choose the type of online voucher - cash voucher or treatment voucher
  • Select and type in the voucher details, eg. Amount or type of treatment and the recipient's email address
  • Click "Pay by Paypal" button, then you will enter Paypal login page. If you have a paypal account, please use your paypal account to login in Instead of logging in using the SOT account. If you don't have a paypal account, you can register in this page. For new paypal user, paypal may ask you to configure your payment details there (i.e. credit card details)
  • After successfully logging in to the paypal account, please click "continue" button in paypal page. It will come back to SOT online voucher confirmation page.
  • Click "confirm" button in confirmation page, the payment process will be executed. Please click once only and wait for the result as it may take a while to process.
  • If the payment is completed successfully, an email will be sent to you and the voucher in a pdf format file attachment will be sent to your friend(recipient) directly.